Classic Oak "Wax" Finish
We recommend the application of Oakwood Interiors Furniture Wax twice a year. At higher altitudes or drier climates you may want to apply quarterly. Apply in sections with a medium to fine scotch brite pad (available at any paint retailer), rubbing with the grain. Remove with a soft cotton cloth and buff to a desired luster. Remove excess from carvings or details with a 1" paint brush.

All Lacquered Finishes
Use a soft damp cotton cloth to remove any dust from the surface, then wipe again with a soft cotton cloth. Never use polishes of any type on these finishes. All Lacquers used are environmentally friendly low pollutant type.

Drawer Removal
If you need to remove any drawer from any Oakwood Interiors furniture piece, please follow this procedure.
  1. Pull the drawer out about 1/3 rd of the way.
  2. Grasp the drawer on the sides of the drawer box and firmly pull straight out. (Be careful not to lift up or push down at the same time.)
  3. If the drawer does not come all the way out, repeat the motion.
  4. Be sure no one is standing directly behind you; we do not want to injure anyone during this process.
  5. To install the drawer, pull the ball bearing carriages of the internal section to the end of the guides.
  6. Slowly push the drawer straight in until you feel resistance.
  7. Continue until the drawer is completely in the case.
  8. Pull the drawer in and out a few times to reset the drawer guide stops.
Drawer Guide Maintenance
After drawer removal, drawer guides may be lubricated with a silicone style spray. Be careful not to over lubricate.

Minor Touch Up
Please consult your Authorized Dealer for exact touch up information regarding your products. Each product requires that the proper refinishing materials be used so as not to damage the finish.

To Order Parts
Please consult your Authorized Dealer. They are empowered by Oakwood Interiors to order parts or repair your products while under warranty. If out of warranty, CONTACT US for your specific request.

  1. We feel that when put to the test, Oakwood Interiors state of the art production methods and attention to the details makes our products one of the best values on the market.

  2. Only first quality raw materials are used in manufacturing our unique designs of furniture. We manufacture not just assemble our products.

  3. All face frames, the structural foundation of our furniture, are solid oak or alder and joined using tongue and groove construction.

  4. Materials
    • We use Kiln dried Northern Red Oak known for its distinctive grain patterns and low mineral content insuring better color for our collections we manufacture using oak.
    • We use Kiln dried Alder from the North West region of the United States for our Alder Rose collection. (We purchase all our wood from reforestation mills only.)

  5. No particleboard, no pressboard, no vinyl wrap is ever used in our products.

  6. All furniture tops are solid oak or alder and 1" thick. All of our furniture pieces feature easily replaceable tops in the event one became damaged.

  7. We hand select the wood to be used in the glue ups, (tops, drawer fronts, etc.) This ensures us good color and grain match.

  8. Construction
    • We use ¾" thick, rift cut oak veneer plywood for structural integrity on the sides of all oak furniture pieces.
    • We use ¾" thick solid alder sides for our alder furniture pieces.

  9. All joints are glued and either pinned or screwed to secure them while the glue sets. Years ago only glue was used exclusively to manufacture furniture. We use old world methods and new age technology to manufacture our products.

  10. Our distinctive deep relief carvings and accent pieces are made by us, from solid wood. Oakwood Interiors factory features a dedicated carving department.

  11. We manufacture all the wood pieces used. Our only outside sources are hardware (glass, handles, etc.). This allows us to control the quality and consistency of the product.

  12. Every wood edge is machine detailed, then hand sanded. This is much more costly than just rounded edges and ads to the style dramatically.

  13. All drawer fronts are solid oak or alder and attached to the drawer box with screws for easy replacement if needed.

  14. Our drawer boxes are maximum width and fully English dovetailed front and rear. The drawer bottoms are ¼ thick and the entire drawer boxes are completely finished.

  15. The top drawers in all case pieces have aromatic cedar veneer or velvet lined drawer bottoms. Cedar discourages insect intrusion throughout the entire piece. Velvet allows you to place jewelry or reading glasses on a soft surface. The remaining drawers have ¼" oak veneer bottoms, another sign of value.

  16. All furniture pieces have a unique drawer guide system. Dual steel and ball bearing slides are attached to wood stiffeners for a lifetime of guaranteed performance by their manufacturer. Remember, you use the drawers almost everyday; this is an important feature to compare.

  17. All mirrors are 3/16" thick and have a full 1" plus bevel cut edge. The beveled edge on the curved pieces costs approximately 10 times more than a straight cut.

  18. All mirrors are distortion free. We preinstall all mirrors using a wood back and screws for additional stability in shipping. We use a silicone sealant to keep the heavy mirror from shifting.

  19. Finish Quality
    • (Classic Oak Finish) A hand waxed finish is applied to help seal the wood while allowing it to breath and stay moist. This is a stain to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, not a paint to cover flaws. This finish is available on some oak collections only.
    • (Classic Lacquer Oak Finish) Our updated classic color now features a state of the art sealer and lacquer top coat. You get that just waxed look, additional depth and low maintenance. This finish is available on some oak collections only.
    • (Brandy Oak Finish) A state of the art, five step translucent finish is applied to red oak, without hiding the beauty of the grains. We use the latest environmentally friendly products to create this unique finish. This finish is available on some oak collections only.
    • (Alder, Rose & Classic Finish) A state of the art, five step translucent finish is applied to hand distressed alder. We use the latest environmentally friendly products to create this unique finish. This finish is available on some alder collections.
    • (Weathered Oak / Nutmeg Alder) Our 20 step hand burnished and distressed finishes are truly unique. We use the latest environmentally friendly products for these dramatic aged look finishes. This finish is available on some oak and alder collections.

      (Please see dealers for finish samples)

  20. All hardware, handles, lighting, etc., are installed at the factory. This saves delivery time and eliminates the problem of not being included in the carton.

  21. Each piece is detailed during final Quality Control inspection. We then carton for shipping using corner protectors and special packaging materials.

  22. Each headboard and furniture piece ( Classic Oak Finish Only ) includes a free four ounce bottle of Oakwood Interiors Furniture Wax.

  23. Each headboard and furniture piece has a serial numbered metal plate attached at the factory.

  24. A Certificate of Authenticity with Warranty Statement details is included in each headboard and furniture piece.

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